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Omnia Values


Crafting Omnia’s values and creating a shared culture.

I’m a firm believer that every brand and company has a personality. And that personality is shaped by the people who build that company and the different values those people hold. This connected mindset is what makes the organization stand out from the rest, and helps direct decisions at all levels in the company: from senior directors choosing which product to pilot, to HR managers hiring people based on a shared mindset.

The scale-up stage is when many new companies take the time to formalize their values and work culture. Once done, the values help guide work culture and prepare the company for the future.

I worked with COO Andrea Lamelas Puga, CEO Sander Roose, and Visual Designer Steph Truong to bring Omnia’s core values to life and pave the road to success.

It took a while to get them right, but now they are present from the initial calls when hiring, and very much in our continuous feedback environment. We know them, we own them and we make sure everyday that we live up to them!

Andrea Lamelas Puga, COO of Omnia Retail

Creating the values

When I came to Omnia, these values had been defined, but the framework around each was still loose. At the time, all that existed was a series of bullet points and three broad categories:

  1. A desire to continue learning

  2. A respect for all

  3. A competitive spirit

Sander and Andrea had defined these categories based on internal interviews and their own personal beliefs, and the three values they discovered were a perfect match for the company. But a bullet point list of shared ideas isn’t enough to make people believe in the values, let alone identify with them, so the text needed a refresh.

Omnia’s core values

I took Sander and Andrea’s bullet point list and transformed the wording into the following categories:

  1. Never stop learning

  2. Free to be you and me

  3. An obsession with excellence

Omnia now uses these values in a variety of different functions within the business.

About us page

The beauty of Omnia’s three values is that they are adaptable depending on the audience. For the company’s About Us page, we altered the text slightly to match the target audience: potential customers, investors, and competitors.

Values: External, About Page.png


A candidate’s character and personality is a major (if not the biggest) influencer of whether or not they will join the Omnia team. Straight from initial phone interviews and all the way up to the final offer, candidates are evaluated by interviewers against the Omnia values to determine their fit within the company.

To attract the right team members, we adapted the values slightly for our Careers page to highlight what Omnia looks for in new teammates.

The Omnia DNA.png