The Case of the Bank Burglary

By Grace Baldwin circa 2003

This piece started my career as a writer. I was 8 years old, and I'm pretty sure I got an A on the assignment. Here it is, in its raw form.

Ring ring went the first call of the day, "Detective LaFranche speaking," I said. 

"Jacques, I need your help." Frank LaKonc was a wealth bank owner. He owned the Bank Ze Mone. "What do you need?" I asked him. "The bank was plundered!"

"No!" I said in fake disbelief. Then I got serious again. "Well, you know my fee. I get two dollars a day."

"OK" he said. After he had hung up I said to myself, "Why didn't I suck up to him? Maybe at least I could have gotten more money."

As I got closer to the bank I saw some details. The Bank Ze Mone was a very fancy bank. On the front of the big white building in deep dark blue cursive letters was "Bank Ze Mone."

"Hell Frank" I uttered as I found him sitting in his big, black easy chair. "Have you touched anything since you discovered that you had been robbed?" "No," he said in a stern way. 

"Here is a note I found on the floor," he said as he held up a plastic bag.

"Thanks" I said. I walked out to my car, unfolded the note, and gasped, "OH MY GOSH, THAT'S KAREN MCLIE'S HANDWRITING!" Karen McLie was a woman who was forgetful with amnesia, and she had to always make notes to herself so she wouldn't forget her plans. She was twenty-five years old, and was very lazy, but always looking for a "get rich quick" scheme. I recognized her handwriting from a check she wrote to me for services rendered. "Take money to boat docks," read the note. I had to get to the docks, and fast! I raced my car to the docks as fast as I could. And luckily, I got there just in time. I saw Karen McLie getting ready to load the money into a boat. "Stop! You are under arrest!" I yelled at the tip-top of my lungs. 

"Good work, Jacques." I head someone say behind me. It was Chief Sac Ray Blu. "Thank you."

Karen was arrested, and Jacques got a promotion to head detective of the police force. Frank didn't get sued for losing the bank's money, and Ze Mone is still in business today. Visit Ze Mone and deposite your checks to Jacque LaFranche, the greatest detective ever!